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  1. Launch: Mariana Valencia, ALBUM, with Emma Hedditch and Jordan Lord
    Sunday, November 18 - 5pm

    Please join us to celebrate the release of Mariana Valencia's ALBUM, the first title in Wendy's Subway's Document Series, which highlights the work of performance- and dance-makers in printed form. Valencia is joined by Emma Hedditch and Jordan Lord for readings and performances.
    Mariana Valencia’s solo performance ALBUM assembles song, text, and dance into a multifaceted album that draws from choreographic methodology, personal narrative, herstorical and intergenerational kinship, and popular culture. ALBUM expands on Valencia’s performance to include her spoken script in its entirety alongside choreographic descriptions and new annotations, original song lyrics, diagrams, drawings, and visual representation. Navigating childhood memory, mourning, framily, and vampires through factual, humorous, and grave observations, Valencia archives and performs a self herstory as an album in image and song.
    Emma Hedditch (b.1972, U.K) is an artist living in New York. Emma has published texts in Afterall, Mute Magazine and Art Monthly, and contributed to the books Rereading Appropriation and Anarchic sexual desires of plain unmarried schoolteachers. Emma's self-published work includes A Political Feeling, I Hope So, Coming To Have A Public Life, Is It Worth It? and an ebook of performance scripts I Don't Want You To Work As Me, I Want You To Work For Me. Emma has been part of collective work with Cinenova, a feminist film and video distributor (1999–present), The Copenhagen Free University (2001–2008), No Total, a site for performance (2012–present) and Coop Fund, an experimental funding platform (2018). Emma has participated in exhibitions including Finesse, curated by Leah Pires at The Wallach Art Gallery, New York (2017), Claim a hand in the field that makes this form foam (2014), at Outpost Gallery, Norwich, U.K and Other Romances, curated by Em Rooney at Rachel Uffner, New York (2017).
    Jordan Lord is a filmmaker, writer, and artist, working primarily in video, text, and performance. Their work is concerned with the relationship between framing and support, historical and emotional debts, documentary and description. They have been in study with Emma Hedditch and Mariana Valencia since 2012, as part of the group No Total. Jordan is currently working on an MFA in Integrated Media Arts at Hunter College.
    Mariana Valencia is a dance artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been presented at Danspace Project, Roulette, the Center for Performance Research, The New Museum, The Women and Performance Journal, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, and AUNTS. Internationally, her work has been presented in Serbia and Macedonia. As a performer, Valencia has worked with Lydia Okrent, Jules Gimbrone, Elizabeth Orr, Kate Brandt, AK Burns, Em Rooney, robbinschilds, Kim Brandt, Fia Backstrom and MPA. Valencia is a Bessie Award recipient for Outstanding Breakthrough Choreographer (2018), a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Award to Artists grant recipient (2018), a Jerome Travel and Study Grant fellow (2014-15), a Yellow House Fund of the Tides Foundation grant recipient (2010-13) and a Movement Research GPS/Global Practice Sharing artist (2016/17). She is a founding member of the No Total reading group (2012-2015) and she has been the co-editor of Movement Research’s Critical Correspondence (2016-17). Valencia has held residencies at Chez Bushwick (2013), New York Live Arts Studio Series (2013-14), ISSUE Project Room (2015), Brooklyn Arts Exchange (2016-18) and the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (2018). Valencia holds a BA from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA (2006) with a concentration in dance and ethnography.
    Image description: A two-page spread from a book. Dancer Mariana Valencia appears on both pages; her figure is printed directly onto the pink background of the pages. She has short hair and wears sunglasses, a white shirt, and jeans. On one side, she raises one foot behind her as well as her opposite hand, while her other foot is planted and her hand flares out. On the other side, she faces down and holds one arm in front of her chest with the other behind her. One of her legs is bent like she's about to move forward. Photographs of Mariana Valencia by Alex Escalante.