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  1. Screening and Q&A: Tarek Lakhrissi, diaspora/situations (2017)
    Thursday, September 21 -  7pm

    Please join us for a screening of Tarek Lakhrissi's "diaspora/situations" (2017), followed by a q&a moderated by Rami Karim.
    Length: 48 min
    Languages: English and French
    Shot between Montreal, Paris, Brussels, Nantes and London, diaspora/situations is a documentary on queer diasporic life, based on interviews with queer and trans artists and activists of color as they reflect on their relationships to their affects and bodies.

    Learn more about the film here.
    Watch the trailer here.

    Tarek Lakhrissi (b. 1992) is a poet and visual artist based in Paris. He directed a video project diaspora/situations (2016, Prix Spécial du Jury - Documentaire, Festival Transposition) about people of color reflecting on the impact of being diasporic on their bodies and affects. He writes poetry and develops visual content aiming to challenge language and reflect upon identity. He also works as a bookseller at Les Mots à la Bouche in Paris.

    Rami Karim is an artist and writer based in Brooklyn. Their work has appeared in Apogee, The Brooklyn Review, The Invisible Bear, and Peregrine. They teach writing at the City University of New York and are a 2017 Margins Fellow at the Asian American Writers’ Workshop.
  2. ND/SA presents Joshua Escobar, Marwa Helal & guests
    Friday, September 22 - 7pm

    Join ND/SA in celebrating the launch of 
    >Joshua Escobar's Califorkya Voltage and
    >Marwa Helal's I Am Made To Leave I Am Made To Return

    The first two chapbooks in ND/SA's 2017-2018 TRANSFORMIGRATION series

    Readings by:

    Tavonne Carson
    Mel Elberg
    Joshua Escobar
    Marwa Helal
    Leila Ortiz
    Sahar Romani


    tavonne s. carson is a lover and a writer living in Harlem, New York. She is a VONA/Voices alum, a graduate of the New School's Creative Writing MFA program and a serious, serious auntie. Her writing has been published in Gastronomica: The Journal of Food and Culture, The Daily Beast, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts and Apogee. You can find her almost regularly at iammybestthing.wordpress.com.

    Mel Elberg is a cyclical homosexual garden variety poet at large.

    In the summer of 2016, DJ Ashtrae (Joshua Escobar) graduated from the Master of Fine Art program at Bard College where he was the Dean’s Fellow in Writing, as well as the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley, where he was a Merit Fellow. He is a CantoMundo fellow. He lives in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn with dj lil piñata. IG: djashtrae17.

    Marwa Helal is a poet and journalist. Her work appears in ApogeeHyperallergic, the OffingPoets & Writers, the RecluseWinter Tangerine and elsewhere. Her work is forthcoming in the anthologies Bettering American Poetry 2016 and Best American Experimental Writing 2018. She is the author of I AM MADE TO LEAVE I AM MADE TO RETURN (No, Dear/Small Anchor Press, 2017) and Invasive species (Nightboat Books, 2019). Helal is the winner of BOMB Magazine’s Biennial 2016 Poetry Contest and has been awarded fellowships from Poets House, Brooklyn Poets, and Cave Canem. Born in Al Mansurah, Egypt, Helal currently lives and teaches in Brooklyn, New York. She received her MFA in creative nonfiction from The New School and her BA in journalism and international studies from Ohio Wesleyan University.

    Leila Ortiz was born on the Lower East Side and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn. She is of Irish, Puerto Rican, and Cuban descent and is a social worker in NYC public schools. Leila is the author of Girl Life (Recreation League, 2016) and A Mouth is Not a Place (dancing girl press, 2017). 

    Sahar Romani was born and raised in Seattle and lives in Jackson Heights, Queens. Her poems appear in the Offing, Asian American Writers’ Workshop and 92Y’s Podium. She is an MFA candidate at New York University and a recipient of the 2017 Poets House Emerging Poets Fellowship.


  3. Contemporary? Manifestos! by Gato Negro ft. Caloca and Concheiro
    Sunday, September 24 - 8pm 

    Join us for a presentation of the collection Contemporary? Manifestos! by Mexico City-based publisher, Gato Negro Ediciones.

    The evening will feature copal burning, manifesto reading, and conversation with Juan Caloca, Luciano Concheiro, and publisher León Muñoz Santini.

    About Contemporary? Manifestos!

    Just read any manifesto to realize the anachronism of the genre. In our time—in which we have stopped believing in the future, and acceleration prevents us from generating coherent narratives—its arrogant and brooding tone generates mistrust. Its grand and safe assertions sounds unlikely. Its “we” seems somewhat outdated. However, it’s in its untimely nature that its value or, rather, its contemporaneity lies. As is pointed in the opening tittle of this series: Under the current circumstances, simply writing a manifesto is a subversive act. The temporal logic that must be employed in constructing one is in itself a direct affront to the status quo: the very fact of thinking toward the future in a presentist era already threatens the hegemonic temporal structure—and therefore, too, the economic, political, social, and aesthetic models that sustain it. Giorgio Agamben put it plainly: «The original task of a genuine revolution, therefore, is never merely to ‹change the world› but also—and above all—to ‹change time» Writing a manifesto means beginning to think and experience another time. That’s what this series is about.

    More on Gato Negro Edicione here: https://www.gatonegro.ninja/


    Juan Caloca is an artist living in Mexico City and a founding member of Cooperativa Cráter Invertido and the collective Grupo (de). His work often concerns Mexican history and the ways in which it is remembered. His work has been exhibited at Parque Galería, Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporaneo (MUAC), Bikini Wax, and Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico City; the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), Long Beach, California; and Ivan Gallery, Alberta College of Art + Design, Canada. 

    Luciano Concheiro is a Mexican theorist. His most recent books include Against Time. Practical Philosophy of the Instant —which was First Finalist of the Anagrama Essay Prize 2016— and Invent the Possible. Mexican Contemporary Manifestos —a collection of sixty manifestos written by Mexican young writers, artists, chefs, academics, and activists—. His work has been published in newspapers and magazines such as the New York Times and Nexos. He has an MPhil in Sociology from Cambridge University, and a BA in History from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Currently, he is visiting fellow at the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, Harvard University.