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  1. Ritual and Capital
    Co-published with the Bard Graduate Center
    Deadline Extended: August 20th

    Wendy’s Subway is seeking submissions for an upcoming publication which will address the potential of ritual under capital. What habits and practices do we form to subvert, subsist, survive? Is there refuge in ritual? How might ritual practices endow objects and artifacts with qualities that resist their assimilation within the market? What function can movement rituals have for embodying practices of healing and care? How does ritual strengthen and solidify communities? In what ways have ritual practices turned the landscape of the everyday into a playground for consumption, where ritual enables the reproduction of structures of capital? What is the function of ritual as it challenges or facilitates the activities of capital in everyday life, whether globally or locally? What are your rituals?

    Wendy’s Subway is open to submissions including, but not limited to, poems, essays, inventories, inquiries, protocols and instructions, reading lists, journals, pillow books, found texts, fiction, and desiderata on the topics of ritual and capital. Submissions of up to 10 pages will be accepted. 

    The publication will be developed on the occasion of the Wendy’s Subway Reading Room in the Bard Graduate Center Gallery (18 W 86th St, New York, NY) from March 24th to July 31st, 2017. The Reading Room, and this publication, are in dialogue with Bard’s Spring Focus exhibitions, The New York Crystal Palace 1853 and Design by the Book: Chinese Ritual Objects and the Sanli tu. Visit our website to learn more about upcoming events and workshops in the Reading Room. Stay tuned on social media where we will be posting further questions, prompts, and resources. 

    Wendy’s Subway is a non-profit library and writing space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. 

    Bard Graduate Center is a research institute and intellectual community dedicated to the study of material cultures.