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Every other week, Wendy's Subway shares PDFs produced by artists and spaces participating in DOWNTOWN 2021, that highlight their work and the artists on view in the exhibition. 

February 8-14, 2021
321 Gallery
Jenni Crain
Deli Gallery
Bill Jenkins
Elisabeth Kley

January 25-February 7, 2021
Leah Dixon
LJ Roberts
Adrianne Rubenstein
Peter Shear

January 11-24, 2021
Leilah Babirye
Maria Calandra
Sam Gordon
Sky Hopinka (limited time viewing of Perfidia, published in 2020)
Rosemary Mayer
Helen Evans Ramsaran
Elijah Wheat Showroom
Frederick Weston
Pioneer Works

About the exhibition


Curated by Sam Gordon
January 4-February 20, 2021
La MaMA Galleria
47 Great Jones Street
Open Hours: Fri-Sat, 12-6pm and by appointment

DOWNTOWN 2021 takes its name from the film Downtown 81, which portrayed a day in the New York City of 1981 in all its glory. Forty years later, the exhibition acts as a sequel to the film, taking inspiration from downtown as an idea, a state of mind, and a generative space—rather than just a geographic location—and extending its scope beyond Manhattan to galleries in Brooklyn and Queens. The exhibition is composed of works by artists who have been included in current or previous exhibitions from a selection of over 25 galleries. An essay in two parts will accompany the exhibition; one on the artists and spaces in the exhibition, and the other on spaces from the recent past that have closed or are on hiatus, for a total of 50 spaces. Taken together, the spaces reveal the currents of new visual culture and the idea of a new downtown, taking shape through painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, video, installation, and touching on themes of collaboration, liberation, dance, and bartending.


9 Herkimer Place / Bill Jenkins · 321 Gallery / Jenni Crain · A.I.R. Gallery / Rosemary Mayer · CLEARING / Zak Kitnick · Deli Gallery / Adrianne Rubenstein · Elijah Wheat Showroom / Sara Maria Salamone · Zoe Fisher Projects / Elisabeth Kley, Matt Paweski · Fortnight Institute  / Peter Shear · Gloria's / Leah Dixon · Higher Pictures Generation / K8 Hardy, D’Angelo Lovell Williams · Interstate Projects / Joel Dean · JAG Projects / Jessie Stead · Jenkins Johnson Gallery / Ming Smith · Luhring Augustine / Charles Atlas ·  Microscope Gallery / Peggy Ahwesh · Minus Space / Michelle Grabner · Mrs. / Tracy Miller · Orgy Park / Jacob Robichaux · Ortega y Gasset Projects / Frederick Weston · Pioneer Works / LJ Roberts · Sardine / Maria Calandra ·  Soloway / Hadi Fallahpisheh, Phoebe d’Heurle · Songs for Presidents / J. Stoner Blackwell, Lizzie Scott · Underdonk / Leilah Babirye · Welancora / Helen Evans Ramsaran · ZAK's / Polly Apfelbaum, Madeline Hollander

Programs: Beverly’s / Sam Chun · Electronic Arts Intermix / Kalup Linzy · Wendy’s Subway / Sky Hopinka 


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