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Artworks and Packages(Horizon Press, ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive

As Above, So Below: Portals, Visions, Spirits & Mystics

(Dublin, IR: Irish Museum of Modern Art, 2017)
Rachel Thomas (Afterword), Mark Pilkington (Contributor), Sarah Glennie (Contributor), Hans Ulrich Obrist (Contributor), Alejandro Jodorowsky (Contributor), Erik Davis (Contributor), Linder Sterling (Contributor), Jennifer Higgie (Contributor), Vaari Claffey (Contributor), Sam Thorne (Afterword), Tina Kinsella (Contributor), Rachael Gilbourne (Contributor), Pádraic E Moore (Contributor), Pascale Montandon-Jodorowsky (Contributor)Exhibition catalog, Art, Mysticism, Review, Contemporary art, Myth / Permanent Collection
As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks, 1964-1980(New York: Picador, 2013)Susan Sontag (Author), David Rieff (Editor)Memoir, Journal, Non-fiction, Criticism and interpretation, Art criticism / Permanent Collection
as if it is at all: Some poems 1995-2006(NY: Granary Books, 2007)Simon Cutts ()Poetry / Permanent Collection
Ashes to Ashes(Grove Press (1997), 83 pages, 1997)Harold Pinter (Author)Your library, BAM Reading Room (2017)
Assata: An Autobiography(Lawrence Hill Books (2001), Edition: unknown, 320 pages, 2001)Assata Shakur (Author)Autobiography, Politics, Revolution, Black Studies / Your library, BAM Reading Room (2017)
Astro Noise: A Survival guide to Living Under Total Surveillance(New York: Whitney Museum of American Art, 2016)Laura Poitras (Author), Jay Sanders (), Weiwei Ai (Contributor)Documentary, American art, Monograph, Surveillance, Contemporary art, Artists' writing / Permanent Collection
Astroecology(Argos Books, 2017)Johannes J Helden (Author), Elizabeth Clark Wessel (Translator), Kirkwood Adams (Translator)Swedish poetry, Poetry, Photography, Drawing, Painting, Review / Permanent Collection
At Freddie's(New York: Mariner Books, 2014)Penelope Fitzgerald (Author)British literature, England, Fiction / Permanent Collection

At Least We Can Apologize

(London, UK: Dalkey Archive Press, 2013)
Lee Ki-ho (Author), Christopher J. Dykas (Translator)Fiction, Korean literature / Permanent Collection

At Swim-Two-Birds

(Champaign, IL: Dalkey Archive Press, 2005)
Flann O-Brien (Author), William H. Gass (Introduction)Ireland, Fiction / Permanent Collection
At the National Monument / Always Today(Brooklyn, NY: Pioneer Works Press, 2016)Ted Dodson (Author)Poetry, Politics, Essay, Review, American poetry -- 21st century / Permanent Collection
Atlantic Brief Lives: A Biographical Companion to the Arts(Toronto; Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1971)Louis Kronenberger (Editor), Paul Bacon (), Emily Beck Morison (Editor)Reference, Biography / Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Attention(Basil Blackwell (1964), Edition: y First edition, 134 pages, 1964)Alan R White (Author)Permanent Collection, BAM Reading Room (2017)
Auctions: The Social Construction of Value(The Free Press, ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music(New York : Bloomsbury Academic, 2017)Christoph Cox (Editor), William S. Burroughs (Author), Mark Slouka (Author), Umberto Eco (Author), Simon Reynolds (Author), Jacques Barzun (Author), Marshall McLuhan (Author), Iain Chambers (Author), John Cage (Author), Glenn Gould (Author), Theodor Adorno (Author), Karlheinz Stockhausen (Author), Brian Eno (Author), Brian Eno (Author), Laszlo Moholy-Nagy (Author), Hanns Eisler (Author), David Toop (Author), David Toop (Author), Kodwo Eshun (Author), R. Murray Schafer (Author), Morton Feldman (Author), Daniel Warner (Editor), Derek Bailey (Author), Cornelius Cardew (Author), Steve Reich (Author), George Lewis (Author), Michael Nyman (Author), Luigi Russolo (Author), Susan McClary (Author), Henry Cowell (Author), Kyle Gann (Author), John Zorn (Author), Tony Conrad (Author), Wim Mertens (Author), Mary Russo (Author), Christian Marclay (Author), John Oswald (Author), Chris Cutler (Author), Francisco Lopez (Author), Pierre Schaeffer (Author), Pauline Oliveros (Author), Paul D. Miller (Author), Anthony Braxton (Author), Frederic Rzewski (Author), Edgard Varèse (Author), Ben Neill (Author), Earle Brown (Author), J.K. Randall (Author), Philip Sherburne (Author), Ola Stockfelt (Author), Yasunao Tone (Author), Kim Cascone (Author), Jack Attali (Author), Omette Coleman (Author)20th century, History, Music, Sound / Permanent Collection, Render Visible
August-September 1965(Publisher Unknown, ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Auktion 34(Publisher Unknown, ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Autobiography of Red(New York: Vintage Books, 1998)Anne Carson (Author)Poetry, American poetry -- 20th century / Permanent Collection
Autum 1975(Publisher Unknown, ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Avalon(New York City: Peradam Press, 2012)Jessica Calvanico ()Poetry, Script, American poetry -- 21st century / Permanent Collection
Avant-Garde Art(London: Collier-Macmillan Ltd., 1968 [c.1967])Thomas B. Hess (Editor), John Ashbery (Editor)Modernism, Avant-garde / Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Avant-Garde Museology(New York: e-flux; Moscow: V-A-C Foundation, 2015)Arseny Zhilyaev (Editor), Arseny Zhilyaev (Introduction), Julieta Aranda (Preface)Essay, Museum studies, Visual culture, Russian Avant-garde, Exhibition studies, Material studies / Permanent Collection


(Brooklyn, NY: Ugly Duckling Presse, 2019)
Mac Wellman (Author)Poetry, Animals, Mysticism, Myth / Permanent Collection
Awe(Seattle, WA / New York: Wave Books, 2007)Dorothea Lasky (Author)Poetry, American poetry -- 21st century / Permanent Collection
Árboles(Mexico: Ediciones Tecolote, 2012)Mario Benedetti (Author), Javier Zabala (Illustrator)Illustration, Spanish language, Children's literature, Review / Permanent Collection
⌘C, ⌘V(Chicago: Leah Mackin, 2014)Leah Mackin (Author)Technology, Artist’s book, Experimental, Review, Risograph, Bard2018 / Permanent Collection, Bard Reading Room 2018
¿Verdad o mentira?(COLOFON, S.A. (2013), 2013)Jimmy Liao (Author)Picture book, Spanish language, Children's literature / Children's Library
Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art(London: Continuum, 2010 [c2006])Brandon LaBelle (Author)20th century, Site-specific art, Sound, Performance / Permanent Collection, Render Visible
Backwards and forwards : a technical manual for reading plays(Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press, c1983., 1983)David Ball ()Bam2016 / BAM Reading Room (2016), Permanent Collection
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