TitleAuthorTags / Collections
Abolition democracy : beyond empire, prisons, and torture(New York : Seven Stories Press, c2005., 2005)Angela Y. Davis ()Bard2017 / Bard Reading Room (2017), Permanent Collection
About Looking(New York: Pantheon Books, 1980)John Berger (Author)Art history, Art theory, Visual culture / Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive

About to Happen

(Catskill, NY: Siglio, 2017)
Andrea Andersson (Editor), Lucy Lippard (Contributor), Julia Bryan-Wilson (Contributor), Cecilia Vicuña (Artist), Macarena Gomez-Barris (Contributor)Artist’s book, Art, Ecology and Environmentalism, Textile and fiber arts, Bard2018, MoMA Reading Room / Permanent Collection, Bard Reading Room 2018, MoMA Reading Room
Abrams Art Books(Publisher Unknown, ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Absorption and Theatricality: Painting and Beholder in the Age of Diderot(University Of Chicago Press (1988), Edition: 1st, 268 pages, 1988)Michael Fried (Author)Your library, BAM Reading Room (2017)
Abstract Painting: 50 Years of Accomplishment, From Kandinsky to the Present(Harry N. Abrams, Inc., ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
abstract speaking, sharing uncertainty, and collective acts(Milan, IT: Produzioni NERO; Tokyo, JP: The Japan Foundation, 2013)Mika Kuraya (Editor), Koki Tanaka (Editor)Exhibition catalog, Sociology, Contemporary art, Bam2016, Japan and Japanese language, Politically engaged / BAM Reading Room (2016), Permanent Collection
Abstraction and Empathy: A Contribution to the Psychology of Style(The World Publishing Company, ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Abuela(New York : Dutton Children's Books, c1991., 1991)Arthur Dorros (), Elisa Kleven (Illustrator)Picture book, Spanish language, Children's literature / Permanent Collection, Children's Library
Accumulating culture : the collections of Emperor Huizong(Seattle : University of Washington Press, c2008., 2008)Patricia Buckley Ebrey ()Bard2017 / Bard Reading Room (2017), Permanent Collection
Act and The Actor: Making the Self(The New American Library, Inc. in assoc. with The World Publishing Company, 1970)Harold Rosenberg (Author), Ruth Nada Ashnen (Editor)Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Act or Perish!: A Retrospective(Oslo: Nero, 2016)Gustav Metzger (Artist), Andrew Wilson (Contributor), Manuel Olveira (Contributor), Pontus Kyander (Contributor), Dobrila Denegri (Contributor), Hans Ulrich Obrist (Contributor), Mathew Copeland (Contributor), Lenne Dmyterko (Contributor)Activism, Bam2016, Politically engaged / BAM Reading Room (2016), Permanent Collection
Acts Of Voicing: On the Poetics and Politics of the Voice(Spector Books (2015), Edition: Bilingual, 555 pages, 2015)Christine Peters (Editor), Iris Dressler (Editor)Bam2016 / BAM Reading Room (2016), Permanent Collection
Adam Helms(Cologne: Snoeck, 2013)Adam Helms (Author), Bob Nickas (Author), William S. Smith (Author)Politics, Monograph, Contemporary art / Permanent Collection
Adventures of the Black Square: Abstract Art and Society 1915-2015(Prestel (2015), 264 pages, 2015)Iwona Blazwick (Editor), Briony Fer (Contributor), Tanya Barson (Contributor), Tom McDonough (Contributor), Magnus af Petersens (Editor), Jiang Jiehong (Contributor)Bam2016 / BAM Reading Room (2016), Permanent Collection
Aesthetic Education: A Social and Individual Need(Publisher Unknown, ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Aesthetics After Modernism(Writers and Readers Publishing Cooperative Ltd., ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Aesthetics and Art Theory: An Historical Introduction(E. P. Dutton, ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Aesthetics and Problems of Education: Readings in the Philosophy of Education(University of Illinois Press, ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Aesthetics and the Body Politic(Publisher Unknown, ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Aesthetics and the Sociology of Art(George Allen & Unwin, ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
Affirmations(Collaboration The Art Institute of Chicago, ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive

Affirmative Acts

(New York, NY: Anchor Books, 1998)
June Jordan (Author)African American studies, African American literature, Women poets, Essay collection, Politically engaged / Residency Collection, Workshops


(Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico: Petra Ediciones, 2013)
Anna Czerwińska-Rydel (Author), Marta Ignerska (Author)Mexico, Illustration, Mexican poetry - 21st century, Mexican art -- 21st century / Permanent Collection
African American Males in Higher Education Leadership: Challenges and Opportunities(New York: Peter Lang, 2017)Patricia A. Mitchell (Editor), Bob Hughes (Contributor), Carl A. Grant (Contributor), Jabari Mahiri (Contributor), Jamie Williams (Contributor), Gregory J. Vincent (Contributor), C. Spencer Platt (Contributor), Arthur Tyler (Contributor), Richard Greggory Johnson III (Contributor), Darren D. Kelly (Contributor), Tyree Robinson (Contributor), Tyree Robinson (Contributor), Stanford Simmons (Contributor)Essay, Education, Gender, African American studies / Permanent Collection
African Sculpture(Dover Publications, Inc., ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive
African Sculpture(Dutton Vista Picture Book, ?) ()Permanent Collection, Laurin Raiken Archive

Afro-Fabulations: The Queer Drama of Black Life 

(New York: New York University Press, 2019)
Tavia Nyong'o (Author)Queer, Black queer studies, Drama and Performance studies / Domain Residency

After Jews And Arabs: Remaking Levantine Culture

(Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, 1992)
Ammiel Alcalay (Author)Israel, Europe, Middle Eastern studies, Palestine / Your library, Residency Collection, KAF Residency
After Live: Possibility, Potentiality, and the Future of Performance(Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press, 2015)Daniel Sack (Author)Performance, Critical theory, Drama and Performance studies / BAM Reading Room (2016), Permanent Collection
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